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Luhan was really happy and wanted to get a picture with David Beckham. Just when he got his manager’s approval, he was told that Beckham had already left…

cr: 中国娱乐报道官微

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 하루만 . Taehyung + Hoseok

 하루만 . Taehyung + Hoseok

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Kris breaking the punching bag’s record!

oh… he didn’t cover the tattoo on his right arm with a band-aid that time

you know, kris may be the world’s biggest dweeb but I think underneath it all he’s got enough strength to be hella fuckin scary

he is literally enormous

but a gentle giant who only uses his strength for hugging and playing arcade games, what a nice canadian boy

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           Adorbs Woob for MAXIM Coffee.

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